RSS Retraction Video Posted

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This is one way to eventually get my photos and videos of my recent travels out on the web…just bit by bit. Then the task doesn’t seem as monumental. 🙂 At some point I probably ought to make some online photo albums though.

Anyway, I just posted my time lapse video of the rollback of the rotating service structure on the shuttle launch pad on Sunday. It’s sped up by 10 times. The video length is just over 2.5 minutes.

I’m quite pleased with how the video turned out! Occasionally you can see some of our group (including me) get in front of the shuttle for photos. Towards the end, you see everyone rush to the right as we were getting a group photo taken. We then rush back to the left. 🙂


Space Shuttle Endeavour RSS Retraction – 15 May 2011

Another Shuttle Launch Photo

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Another one of my favorite launch pictures!

Please click to enlarge.


Alligator and Space Shuttle Endeavour Photo

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I took a photo on Sunday of the space shuttle (as we were leaving the pad area from the RSS retraction), and noticed a couple of alligators in the water in the foreground. There was a large one (some 6 feet or larger) and a small one (maybe a couple feet long). They were only barely noticeable, and you can just about see the head of the longer one in the bottom left of the picture (looks almost like a log).

Click to enlarge!

Maybe that’s why we were supposed to stay in the bus as we briefly stopped around here for photos… 😉


Endeavour Launch Video

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I uploaded my HD video of the space shuttle launch to YouTube (link below). Crazy to think the guys we waved to in the astrovan early this morning are now orbiting the earth!!

Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch

Afterwards I checked out the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (we got free tickets), which was pretty awesome (LOVED the space shuttle launch simulator!!).

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made my dream come true.

Endeavour Launch

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WOW. The STUNNING view. The DEAFENING crackle and pop and ROAR. The RUMBLE through my body. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! I started crying at just under a minute to launch, and then I really cried through the launch! It was a very emotional experience, one which I shall carry with me forever.

More on this later, including more photos and video, but I shall post a couple of my favorites for now. I’m hanging out around the press site for a while now, just waiting for traffic to thin out a bit.


Space Shuttle Endeavour on her final mission, STS134

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