Green Sky Chaser

11 July 2010 Chase Log


Target Area: Perry/Watonga, Oklahoma

Chase Area: Enid/Watonga, Oklahoma

Observations: Multicell thunderstorms, a small squall line, torrential rain and strong winds, lightning, a bit of flash flooding, and one deer

Distance: 325 miles

Time: 7.5 hours

Chase Team: Jeff Makowski, Dean Narramore, and myself

SPC Convective Outlook: Slight Risk (Click to see SPC products, data, and storm reports)

Chase Setup: A shortwave trough was located over southeast Kansas with an associated surface low over eastern Kansas. A surface boundary extended southwest from the low into northwest Oklahoma. Dewpoints were near 70 in north central Oklahoma. MLCAPE values in north central Oklahoma ranged from 1500 to 3000 J kg-1 with effective SRH of 150 to 200 m2 s-2.

Chase Log: Not a lot to say about this day...we headed north up I-35, unsure of just where we wanted to go. As the storms began to form to our west, we wound up going west all the way to Canton.

We intercepted a multicell cluster and sat in Canton for a while as the storms moved over us. Very heavy rain fell and quickly collected in some low-lying areas. Streams of water ran down the streets, though for the most part it didn't flood any roads we saw. There were also some very close cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

After the storms passed, we left for home. It was a low expectations day, and once again it was fun to just get out and see some strong summer thunderstorms.