Green Sky Chaser

2008 Chase Logs

I didn't chase much in 2008, partly because it seemed a mediocre year. There were plenty of tornadoes, but they tended to be fast-moving and many of them were rain-wrapped. I missed seeing a couple tornadoes by just minutes. I also missed out on a couple of good tornado days while spending the last two weeks of May traveling around England and Wales.

I was also still a little tornado-shy this spring; it was hard to start chasing again after seeing the destruction of Greensburg the previous year. After May 2007, I thought I wouldn't want to chase or ever see a tornado again, but come March 2008, I visited Greensburg to see how the rebuilding efforts were going. I was encouraged by the rapid growth of the town, and was finally able to put to rest some of my nightmares regarding the monster tornado. I started chasing again, but still didn't chase very much or try too hard until the following year.

This season my primary chase partner was Andrew Barrett, an exchange student from the University of Reading in England.

17 March..........North Texas - thunderstorm (photos)

30 March..........Southwest Oklahoma - supercells (photos and video)

03 April.............North Texas - supercells (photos)

07 April.............North Texas - supercell (photos)

23 April.............Central Texas - supercells (photos)

05 November....North Oklahoma - hail (photos)