Green Sky Chaser

24 April 2007 Chase Log

Target Area: Enid, Oklahoma

Chase Area: Bust - storms early on, then clear sky bust

Observations: squall line, lightning, and a green sky

Distance: 245 miles

Time: 6 hours

Chase Team: Car 1 -Esther White, Cynthia Whittier, Matthew Van den Broeke, and myself; Car 2 - Joe Daron, Gemma Ebsworth, Ryan Surrage, and Hin Pang; Car 3 - Duncan Geere, Logan Campbell, Sam Johnson, and Tristan King

SPC Convective Outlook: Moderate Risk (Click to see SPC products, data, and storm reports)

Chase Setup: A deep, closed upper trough was located over southeast Colorado. A surface low was centered over southwest Kansas, with a cold front extending southward through western and central Oklahoma. Dewpoints were in the mid-60s ahead of the cold front. MLCAPE approached 3000 J kg-1 in central Oklahoma. 0 to 1 km SRH exceeded 200 m2 s-2 ahead of the front.

Chase Log: As we drove up through Oklahoma City, we ran into a squall line with some low, turbulent, cool-looking clouds, a green sky, and some lightning; however, it was fairly early in the day and this was not what we were after, so we kept going north.

We made it up to Enid, and sat there for probably a couple of hours before we decided to head back. After that early squall line, we didn't get any more storms forming in our area, so pretty much considered it a clear sky bust. We did see some mammatus clouds on the drive back, though.