A little less than ideal…

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Surprise, surprise…the GFS model is no longer looking good for chasing on Saturday.  🙂  A couple of rather vigorous-looking troughs are now forecast to move through the Southern Plains on Thursday and Sunday…I’ll certainly keep a close eye on this situation, but it’s not looking quite as interesting.

I woke up at about 3:30 this morning to the sound of thunder.  It was very exciting to just see lightning and hear thunder again!  A squall line/MCS was stretched from Kansas to Texas.

As usual, I’ve been so busy lately I have not been able to spend as much time working on my website as I would like.  My goal is to get all of my chase logs, photos, and videos posted before the first chase of the year.  As it looks like that first decent chase may be another couple weeks or so, I *might* be able to get that done.  I hope to start working on 2007 chase logs this week, and then the two from 2006 and three from 2005.  I’ve also got more work to do on my weather app for the forecast page.  That may take a little while yet before I reveal what I’ve been working on.  Somehow I’m afraid it won’t look nearly as impressive as the many lines of code that it will take to get the little app up and running.  🙂

Team USA is playing Team Canada tonight in Olympic men’s ice hockey.  I’ve found the Olympics pretty interesting this year; I’ve even watched a bit of curling for the first time.  That has got to be one of the strangest sports, yet it is so mesmerizing.

To close this random post, check out this video on YouTube where a NASA rocket flies through some cirrus clouds.  It is absolutely amazing.  You’ll see a shockwave travel throughout the cirrus clouds and obliterate a sundog!

Sonic Boom Meets Sundog

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